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It’s (more than) OK to be seen + heard

I remember my mom crying over the phone.

After being an in-the-closet photographer for the last 30 years, she finally had her coming out party–and it was magnificent!

I had just walked her through the process of creating an online portfolio for her photography. For the first time in her life, people from all over the world – Russia, Canada, New York City, Beverly Hills–-were “liking” and commenting on her photos.

Even before making her first sale, this simple act of allowing herself to be seen and heard through her artwork made all of the difference in the world.

If you’re here, it’s probably because you’re an artist who is chomping at the bit to start earning income & recognition for your work.

Limiting beliefs can manifest as blocks that keep us in hiding as artists. Feelings of inadequacy, deep seated insecurities, and the fear of failure and harsh judgment threaten to keep us stuck. Today, I’m going to offer you guidance on ONE action step you can take right now to start regaining your power in spite of these false beliefs:

Create a platform to showcase your work.

We live in an amazing time, with innumerable websites that facilitate the process of artists getting their work seen.

I’m going to give just three examples of great platforms today (I do not currently have an affiliation with these sites, I just happen to have tried them and love them!).

1.) CD Baby – This is a phenomenal website for indie musicians. This is the platform that we opted for to release the soundtrack of my first feature film http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/justinadamspallais
2.) VHX – Such an empowering website for indie filmmakers! I’m using it myself for the release of my first feature film (out Nov. 17th!) http://quarterlifecoach.vhx.tv/
3.) Fine Art America – I helped my mom get set up on this site and now she’s able to sell her gorgeous nature photos on iphone cases, tote bags and more! Check her out: http://www.pattisstudio.com/

Whatever your medium, Google is your best friend for researching opportunities to showcase your work.

Remember, it’s not enough to just put your work out there and expect to start making sales (marketing and sales skills are vital!), but this is the FIRST step, and one that you should be excited about and proud for taking.

If you want to continue to be guided on the process of not only getting your work out into the world but also effectively marketing your art, please sign up for email updates from Limitless Artists below!

Much love,

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